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Family, Origins and Heritage Master Award.png

To receive the Family, Origins, and Heritage Master Award, the Pathfinder must earn these two honors:

Honor Patch Category Approval Skill
Year Stage
Adventist Pioneer Heritage
Adventist Heritage.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 2014 100% developed
God's Messenger
Gods Messenger.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 1 2014 0% developed

And earn five of the following:

Honor Patch Category Approval Skill
Year Stage
Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 2012 100% developed
Christian Citizenship
Christian Citizenship.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 1 1938 100% developed
Community Improvement
Community Improvement.png
Outreach NAD tiny.png 3 2009 100% developed
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 2012 25% developed
Creationism - Advanced
Creationism Advanced.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 3 2012 75% developed
Cultural Diversity Appreciation
Cultural Diversity Honor.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 1929 100% developed
Outreach SAD tiny.png 2 2012 0% developed
Family Life
Family Life Honor.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 1975 100% developed
Flags honor.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 1 2013 75% developed
Flags - Advanced
Flags Advanced.png
Outreach NAD tiny.png 2 2013 75% developed
Arts and Crafts GC tiny.png 2 2006 100% developed
Language Study
Language Study Honor.png
Outreach GC tiny.png 2 1938 100% developed

Note: Each Division may substitute one specific honor that addresses heritage specifically within their Division (Ex. Maori Lore in SPD, African American Heritage in the NAD)

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